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Preventing Earth Warming

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Preventing global warming is a common issue for all enterprises, groups, public institutions and individuals. Shengyue Group is also making every effort to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
The company does not emit warming gases directly from the production of products, all of which are carbon dioxide emitted from the use of energy.
Reference Data: Evolution of CO2 Emissions
Measures taken by the Company
Energy-saving Headquarters Office Building
Adhering to the basic environmental policy of Shengyue Group,'maximize the effective use of limited resources', the office building of the head office company has introduced the latest technologies and techniques of minimizing the heat load of double-layer glass curtain wall and heat storage, equipped with advanced equipment which can actively pursue energy conservation, and realized that the amount of CO2 emissions in the life cycle can be reduced by more than 20% compared with the ordinary buildings of the same scale.
In addition to the "chimney effect" formed in the double glass curtain wall, it can also reduce the air conditioning load through the cooperation of atrium skylight and natural ventilation during the cold and hot periods and at night. (upper right)
Effectively utilize the natural lighting of double glass curtain wall to reduce lighting power consumption. (right bottom)
Publicity campaign
Earth warming has become a profound problem. As a countermeasure to prevent it, Shengyue Motor Corporation introduced Cool Biz from June to the end of September. At the same time, as a link of energy-saving activities, the implementation of the use of elevators as far as possible, advocating'for health and the environment! Walking up stairs to two floors and down to three floors'activities aims to reduce CO 2 emissions in order to prevent global warming.
In the future, we will continue to carry out enlightenment and propaganda activities on energy conservation, reevaluate the application methods and equipment functions of power equipment, promote power saving, and strive to reduce CO2 emissions.
Participate in the "CO2 Reduction Campaign" initiated by Songhu City
The company's location, Chiba Pine Hu City, has introduced three electric vehicles as public vehicles in accordance with the "Reducing CO2 Campaign (* 1)" (Pine Hu's Regional Promotion Plan for Global Warming Policy) proposed since 2009.
As the company also endorses the aim of "publicizing enterprises that take measures to treat the environment well, and promoting citizens and institutions to care about preventing the warming of the earth, so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the city", the company sponsored this activity by advertising on one of the three sets.
This sponsored advertising fee is used as a source of money for the cause of preventing the warming of the earth.
(* 1) What is the "major CO2 reduction campaign"?
In order to keep the beautiful earth in a sound state and pass it on to the future, the Songhu area as a whole has formulated a countermeasure plan for the earth warming, which is our biggest problem at present. In March 2009, it planned the "major battle to reduce CO2".
Measures taken in the field of logistics
For products sold to some customers in Japan, Kobe and Kansai Airports are chosen to shorten the moving distance and time of delivery.
In addition, in order to shorten the delivery distance to customers in the central region of Japan, a warehouse in the central region was set up in 2008. Compared with the warehouse of the current head office, the delivery distance can be shortened by 400 km. Based on transport performance in 2007, it is estimated that CO2 emissions could be reduced by 29.4 (t) per year. In addition, the pallets used in transportation of products can reduce the volume of transportation (volume) by using nesting plates, which can be overlapped, and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions during transportation.
Measures taken by the factory
In order to improve productivity and reduce energy use, production bases take measures to improve the efficiency of factory space by re-evaluating production projects and changing layout.
Through the implementation of these measures, at the same time, it has realized the improvement of productivity and the reduction of the total amount of water used by factories, and has also contributed to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
Dalian Shengyue carried out a re-evaluation of the management and operation of staff dormitories. By adjusting the operation time of spare rooms and equipment, the annual electricity usage was reduced by 16,000 Kwh. This result can be translated into a reduction of about 9.9t in annual CO2 emissions.
On Power Consumption and CO2
In Shengyue Group, CO2 emissions from energy use are mainly due to the use of electricity, accounting for 85% of total energy consumption.
In the next item,'Effective Utilization of Resources', measures to reduce electricity use are described.