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Green procurement

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Shengyue Motor put forward in its business outlook that it should "carry out business activities without sacrificing the earth's environment and people's health", "promote business activities based on minimizing environmental load and pursuing safety". The company's attitude and understanding of the environment are also embodied in the purchasing activities of materials.
Summary of Shengyue Motor Green Purchasing System
In addition to the requirements of laws, regulations and customers, Shengyue Motor has also formulated the evaluation criteria for prohibiting, restricting or reducing the use of substances in accordance with the company's own standards. When using materials, Shengyue Motor confirms that it does not contain the environmental-related prohibited substances stipulated in these standards.
In confirmation, besides submitting a questionnaire on environmental activities, the following documents are required to be attached to the delivery specifications.
Guarantee not containing (not using) environmental-related prohibited substances in delivery and delivery manufacturing engineering (process)
Chemical Composition Report
Precision analysis data for each homogeneous substance
In the selection of suppliers, besides the quality (Q), cost (C) and delivery time (D) assessments that have been implemented in the past, environmental (E) assessments are also carried out to assess the working conditions of suppliers in environmental conservation activities in order to select qualified suppliers. Under the slogan of "No Inclusion, No Inclusion and Preventing Outflow", measures should be taken continuously to prevent the incorporation of prohibited substances related to the environment.
Improvement Points in 2007
According to EU regulations, PFOS (perfluorooctane pulvic acid) is added as an immediate prohibited substance, PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), which is not a restricted substance, is stipulated as a reduction in the use of substances, and the target date for the total abolition is set as December 31, 2010. In the future, we will take the lead in meeting the world's environmental requirements, continue to carry out green procurement activities, and make environmentally friendly motors.
Promotion of Green Procurement
Office supplies, office daily supplies and spare parts
For stationery, office supplies, etc., the head office chooses and purchases environmentally friendly products with green labels. In addition, for OA equipment and office furniture, the company also put forward a request to the supplier to protect the environment and explain the measures taken to the supplier, so as to give priority to the purchase of goods in line with the green procurement law.
Company Business Vehicle
Business vehicles and other general vehicles are converted from gasoline vehicles to hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). Trucks and other large vehicles are selected as vehicles with low fuel consumption and low emissions when replacing new vehicles.
The raw material of the uniform worn by the head office staff is recycled products, which is made of polyester yarn and cotton yarn. Among them, polyester yarn is recycled from waste plastic bottles, and its content is 85%. The environment-friendly raw material has antistatic property, soft handle and always keeps cool.