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Activities to Reduce Environmental Load to Prevent Pollution and Countermeasures

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In order to prevent environmental pollution and thoroughly manage chemical substances, Shengyue motor actively cuts down and abolishes the use of harmful chemical substances while grasping the use status. The pollution of soil and water quality was investigated and analyzed. When the harmful chemicals used in the past were found to be residual, appropriate measures were taken to deal with them quickly.
Chemicals Management
Management in Production Site
Overseas relations companies have introduced special vehicles for transporting chemicals. In order to minimize environmental pollution in case of emergencies, countermeasures such as preventing leakage have been taken in such special vehicles. In addition, special coatings have been applied on the floor of the warehouse where chemical substances are stored to prevent liquid infiltration in case of leakage and to ensure that soil and water quality are not polluted.
The following practices are implemented on the production site as a storage and management strategy for chemical substances.
An oil pan is installed under the barrel to prevent leakage, and at the same time, corresponding procedures for emergency situations are formulated and regular emergency training is implemented.
For oils, while preventing oil leakage and pollution, management shall be carried out according to the essentials for the use and treatment of each kind of oil.
Management of R&D Departments
For chemical drugs used in research, development and testing of products and equipment, the following management shall be implemented.
To formulate the essentials of the storage and management of chemical drugs and carry out effective management.
Chemicals storehouse is set up stably to prevent earthquake from collapsing at the same time.
Provide for the custodian and administrator of chemicals and regularly carry out inventory.
Chemical waste is treated according to the industrial waste management ticket system.
Correspondence of PRTR System
Since 1998, the company has investigated PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register) Environmental Pollution Release and Transport Declaration System, but there has been no actual use of target substances in the past five years or more.
Prevention of Noise and Vibration Pollution
In order to confirm compliance with the laws and regulations on noise and vibration in the company's area, the head office and related companies regularly carry out noise and vibration measurements. In the periodic measurement results, there is no violation of the noise and vibration limits in each region.
Prevention of workplace air pollution
In order to maintain the health of employees and the environment around the company, Shengyue Motor regularly measures the quality of air and outdoor exhaust in the workplace.
For the office environment, VOC (* 1) was measured and indoor environment survey was carried out. Overseas relations companies also make necessary measurements and take corresponding measures in accordance with environmental laws and regulations.
(1) VOC belongs to volatile organic compounds and indoor air pollution sources, which may cause sick building syndrome. For example, formaldehyde and vinyl acetate, toluene and xylene all belong to this category.