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Reduction, recycling and reuse of discards

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In order to realize a recycling society in which waste is recycled, reused and landfill waste is reduced, Shengyue Motor Group is working on the challenge of zero emission. The Zero Emission Challenge advocated by Shengyue Motor aims to reduce incineration, landfill waste and promote reuse (reuse), and to control the ratio of incineration to landfill waste to less than 1.0% of all waste. Therefore, in addition to reducing the waste itself, it is very important and indispensable to reuse the generated waste as a resource.
Reference data: the amount of discards and the evolution of reuse
Make a thorough distinction between discards
The classification of discards is indispensable for reuse. In order to make it easy and correct for anyone to classify, a clear classification graphic board was made and set up to promote the thorough discrimination of discards on site.
The resource disposal of motor raw materials is to distinguish the raw materials of various parts, and to select the dealer for each raw material. Now in Japan, two companies are entrusted with recycling. In overseas factories, there are non-recyclable discards according to different countries. Now, pioneers are exploring to achieve recycling as soon as possible.
Head office measures
Reuse of kitchen garbage, etc.
In 2006, the head office began to reuse kitchen garbage, exploiting the industry that can reuse kitchen garbage, realizing the practice of converting kitchen garbage into feed and compost, so that 100% of the kitchen garbage produced by the head office can be reused. In addition, fallen leaves and twigs in the land used by the head office have been incinerated so far, and 100% of them have been reused due to composting.
Reuse of related substances in garden ecological community
In 2007, in order to make the sludge generated during the cleaning of the garden ecological zone in the head office area not become the environmental load, the recycling industry was entrusted with the proper treatment of 4.6 tons of sludge in the ecological zone. In the future, we will continue to reuse the sludge produced during regular cleaning every year, and strive to reduce the environmental load.
Factory measures
Past, improved
In order to facilitate customers to install various parts and components, chamfering is carried out at the front end of motor shaft (* 1). This chamfering method uses the front end part of stone grinding shaft with grinding effect, so a lot of sludge containing abrasive debris is produced. These sludge has been treated as industrial waste in the past. According to the viewpoint of waste reduction, the previous grinding methods were re-evaluated. By converting into forging methods, about 8.6 tons of sludge had been reduced to 1.7 tons so far this year, which successfully reduced the sludge content by 80.4%. As a result of sludge reduction, the drainage treatment device has also been simplified.
In the future, we will continue to follow the basic environmental policy of Shengyue Group and actively promote waste reduction.
(*1) Axis: It is an important part to output the rotating power of motor and transmit power to components.
Measures in the Field of Logistics
The logistics industry is committed to reusing foam styrene baling materials for delivering products to customers. In 2007, about 7 tons of foam styrene baling materials were used. In recent years, we have promoted the use of reusable turnover boxes and made great efforts to reduce waste.
Moreover, in order to restrain the amount of CO2 generated by recycling baled materials for transportation, Japan, as the leader, has promoted the establishment of recycling treatment system in places close to customers.
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