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Environmental Management Organization

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In recent years, restrictions on ELV and RoHS directives have received real attention. As an environmental counterpart in the manufacturing industry, on the basis of reducing the total amount of waste and carbon dioxide emissions in the past, the important issue of preventing environmental load material from flowing out of products has been added. In this context, the company believes that'environmental problems are also of poor quality', so we have also changed the organization of the management environment as follows. In the Quality Assurance Department,'Environmental Assurance G'is set up to manage the operation of the environmental system of the whole group, and is used as the Affairs Bureau of the Environmental Management Committee. Overseas relations companies have also moved the organization of the management environment to the quality assurance department. Since 2007, the meeting of environmental managers attended by head office and overseas environmental managers has been scheduled to be held at the same time as the meeting of quality assurance department managers, in order to share information and further strengthen cooperation. Through this meeting, we reconfirmed the trend that society should evaluate the environment on the basis of quality (Q), cost (C) and delivery time (D). At the same time, it deepens the understanding that the environmental correspondence is related to the survival of enterprises, and it is the theme that should go all out. Therefore, the company's "product environmental accident = 0" as the goal, in the actual level of business discussed. Through these measures, the company will continue to enhance the accuracy of environmental correspondence.