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Consideration of environmental factors in production engineering

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Our company not only promotes all kinds of activities to reduce environmental load, not only for motor parts, but also for all links from environmental load chemicals used in production engineering, to energy-saving of production equipment and machinery, and to improve the working environment of staff.
Reducing the Use of Environmental Load Chemicals
Organic solvents (trichloroethylene, etc.) used for parts cleaning in motor production engineering are difficult to decompose and have been identified as carcinogenic. It is also a substance that is feared to endanger the health of users and pollute groundwater and soil. In order to abolish the use of this harmful chemical substance to the earth's environment and human health, Shengyue Motor replaced trichloroethylene with a low environmental load substitute (hydrocarbon system), and changed the related project to a production project using hydrocarbon cleaning agent.
Improvement of Production Equipment and Machinery
By miniaturizing the moulds and punches used in the production of motor micro-precision parts, it is possible to save resources and space on the production site by reducing the number of parts to be manufactured.
The area of the site is reduced by about 75%, the power consumption is reduced by about 80%, and the noise is reduced by about 30%. The requirement of reducing environmental load in the production site is realized.
Countermeasure to Prevent Noise
According to the official environmental laws and regulations, Shengyue Group has implemented strict noise prevention measures. Equipment and machines belonging to the object category include punch press, air compressor and so on. Since the introduction of these equipment, measures to prevent noise such as installing sound-proof boxes have been taken.
The Correspondence of Production Engineering to RoHS
It is not enough to correspond only to the environment of parts and materials. Because the parts and materials used in production engineering such as processing oil and demoulding agent for processing parts and materials, cleaning fluid, ink for marking pen will be attached to the products and shipped to customers. Therefore, the company stipulates that the auxiliary materials of the project should also be checked for environmental pollution and only use environmentally friendly products.