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Research and Development of Environmentally Friendly Products

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According to the requirement of "promoting enterprise activities based on minimizing environmental load and pursuing safety", Shengyue Motor is committed to the design and development of motors that do not use environmental load substances as much as possible.
Correspondence of RoHS Directives
At the end of 2005, the production of products not corresponding to RoHS directives was ended, and the production system of products corresponding to RoHS directives was established on January 1, 2006.
Automobile Electrical Fittings
After entering the 2000's, especially in the automotive electrical market, the demand for energy-saving motors is increasing. In order to meet this demand, the company has developed energy-saving motors with only half the weight and volume of the previous motors. The motor is miniaturized, lightweight, uses fewer raw materials, and can also inhibit the carbon dioxide produced in the production of the motor. Because of the reduction of motor weight, when used in automotive applications, it can improve the fuel efficiency of automobiles.
As a professional manufacturer of small direct current motors, our company has accumulated magneto-pneumatic circuit technology, winding technology and parts precision technology for many years, so that the performance of motor (torque, speed) can be maintained to the same extent as the previous type and achieve miniaturization. Not only that, but the low electrical noise motor also solves the electromagnetic wave problem which has recently attracted much attention.
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